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Truss Girder Welding Machine

The plant is controlled with a system which is reliable, powerful and flexible and controls all the functions of the machine and allows an easy interface with the operator. The main computer has a diagnostic system which allows an immediate check of all the signals emanating from the machine. 
All the axis parameters, machine times and speeds are adjustable from the computer. 
The programming is quick and easy so as to be as user friendly to the operator as possible. 
The welding is controlled by units which allow the operator to adjust and change the periods and the power relative to the production at hand. 
All the power apparatuses for driving the motors and all other functions are mounted in the electronic switching cabinets; all the signal lights and the various commands are found on the cabinets. 

The operator controls the plant through the electronic control stations which are positioned appropriately. 

Main parameters:

Power supply

380 +/-10% [V] , 50 +/-1% [Hz]

Electric power of welding unit

800 KVA 
(average 90KVA)

Other machine power

50 KW

Source gas

Row amount

2000 L/min at 6 Bar



6 Bar

Cooling water

Row amount

150 L/min


Min. presuure

3 Bar


MAX water temperature

25 C


water inlet

2 x 1"





water exit

1 x 3"



0 - 40 C



< 1000 m.a.s.l.

Raw and processed material

Yield strength

MAX 600 N/mm2

Tensile strength

MAX 700 N/mm2


> 14 %

Top wire diameter

5 - 12 mm

Bottom wire diameter

5 - 12 mm

Bending wire diameter

3.5 -6 mm

Truss girder welding machine

Max welding speed




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  • Truss Girder Welding Machine
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