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Expanded Rib lath machine

Expanded Rib lath machine/Rib lath machine/Rib lath  making machine/Rib lath machinery

Instruction of rib lath machine:

Layout: feeding trolley - uncoiler - expanded main machine - roll profiling machine - hydraulic rib lath shearing machine - hydraulic automatic rib lath collect - control cabinet.


Material to produce rib lath: 0.3-0.6mm thickness and 420mm width galvanized sheet
Rib lath parameter:
Length: 2493mm, width: 686mm
Dimensions: strand width 1.5mm, plate thickness: 0.3-0.6mm, rib distance 98mm, LWD: 10mm, SWD: 5mm
1 set of simple de-coiler (inner dia.: min 400mm; loading weight: 1000kg)
1 set of punching machine
Punching speed: 180 times/min
Punching force: 250KN
Punching mould material: TC53
Overall size: 1325*990*2140mm
1 set of expanded main machine with shearer
Main motor power: 4 kw
Cutting motor: 3kw
mould material: GCR12
Speed: Max. 4m / minutes
Overall size: 5.8m*1m*1.5m
1 set of Feeding device 
1 set of collecting Table (Max. Length: 3,000mm)
Occupy area: 12m*2m*2.5m


Rib lath making machine

  • Expanded Rib lath machine

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