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Roll mesh PVC Coating Line

Description of auto continous powder coating line:
This PVC Coating Line is used to provide an anti-corrosive surface treatment for steel wire roll mesh, wire mesh, mesh coil.
Technical parameters of powder dip-coating line:
(1) Application: Apply powder coatings on welded wire mesh in roll package 
(2) Max. size of roll mesh: Length 30000mm * Width 2500mm
(3) Productivity: ≥3-5m/min
(4) Total installed capacity: 360KW
(5) Average power consumption: about 300KW/h
(6) Water Consumption: 2.5-3m3/h (recycled water)
(7) Factory Building: ≥ Length 30000mm * Width 10000mm * Height 5000mm 
Composition of a Complete Fluidized Bed Powder Coating Line:
(1) Auto electrical pre-heating & curing furnace; 
(2) Mesh de-coiler, convey type mesh re-coiler; 
(3) Vibration generator, dipping PVC coated fluidized bed, spray type water cooling device, dust removing device; 
(4) Power supply control equipment;
Process Flow of Wire Mesh Electrostatic Fluidized Bed Coating line: 
Manual feeding - Pre-heating - Auto powder immersion - Curing - Cool the coated mesh - Manual discharging - Manual shaping correction - Quality control - Final package 

Layout Plan of Roll Mesh PVC Coating Line: 

Technical requirements:
1.Plant size:≥30000mm long*10000mm wide*5000mm tall
2.Powder consumption:installed capacity 170KW,average power 150kw/h 
3.Power supply:380V,220V 50hz 
4. Water consumption:1.5~2.0m³/h(circulating water) 
Typical PVC Coated Roll Mesh:


Roll mesh PVC Coating Line

  • Roll mesh PVC Coating Line

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