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Steel Sheet slitting machine

Automatic Steel Sheet Straightening and slitting machine/Steel Sheet slitting machine
Automatic  Steel Sheet Straightening and slitting production line
Product Description
slitting machine is designed for color coated steel professional design and manufacture of production factory,  simple operation, easy to use.

A, points of the machine parameters
1, the only degree: the indefinite extension of the shaft diameter: 70 mm
2, strip width: 1000mm width can be arbitrary mediation
3, size: 1100 x 1150 x 1020mm
4, planet cycloid reducer, motor power 1.5kw
5, work efficiency: 10M per minute
6, plate thickness: ≤ 1mm
7, the power requirements: 380V 50Hz
8, motor power: 1.5kw
9, weight: 150 kg 
B, the power of three joints are respectively L1, L2, cross received L3 or D1, D2, D3,
C, then the mediation on the rack,
D, on the rack and the blade of the machine must be vertical 90 ° plate strip width according to customer requirements can be arbitrarily mediation.
Reducer: No. 2 planetary cycloidal after heat treatment


Automatic Steel Sheet Straightening and slitting production line

  • Steel Sheet slitting machine

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