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Roofing nail making machine

 Roofing nail making machine/Automatic Roofing nail making machine/ umbrella nail maker flat head Nail processing Machine 

This automatic roofing nail making machine is used to make the roofing nails. It features advanced mechanism, easier operation and higher capacity.


Model: XF-WZ94
Dia. of nail max.: 3.8mm
Dia. of nail min.: 2.38mm
Length of nail max.: 63.5mm
Length of nail min.: 38mm
Designed Capacity: 110pcs/min
Motor Power: 4kw
Speed: 960pcs/min
Weight: 2100kg
Overall dimensions: 2436*1512*1710mm
Model: XF-UZ94
Dia. of nail max.: 3.7mm
Dia. of nail min.: 1.6mm
Length of nail max.: 50mm
Length of nail min.: 10mm
Designed Capacity: 150pcs/min
Motor Power: 4kw
Speed: 1420pcs/min
Weight: 1980kg
Overall dimensions: 2436*1512*1205mm
Model: XF-SZ
Dia. of nail max.: 4.5mm
Dia. of nail min.: 2.8mm
Length of nail max.: 100mm
Length of nail min.: 50mm
Designed Capacity: 130pcs/min
Motor Power: 4kw
Speed: 1420pcs/mi
Weight: 2100kg
Overall dimensions: 2436*1512*1250mm


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